Recipes for 5-star reviews

Recipes For 5 Star Reviews

This vacation rental marketing guide focuses on guest reviews – How to get 5-star reviews, time and time again.
Like it or not, times have changed and we now live in the age of the “vacation rental – online review”. Potential guests not only weigh up photos, descriptions, locations and price but are also swayed by what previous guests have written about the property, their holiday and, in some cases, the owner.

For the average VR owner this means three things;

Bad reviews are the kiss of death. No reviews make you look plain ordinary. Great reviews drive bookings.

So unless you want the kiss of death as far as bookings are concerned, or are happy to look ordinary as an owner, you need to ask yourself this question;

How can I get more great reviews?

In answer to this question, I have put together a 40 page guide that shows how to gain and collect 5-star reviews, time after time, week after week.
I reveal professional tricks of the trade that I have tried and tested and that have stood the test of time and have resulted in great reviews from guests of all ages across all types of properties.

Gaining great reviews has nothing to do with the type of property that you own, it is all to do with customer service and customer care and this guide shows you how to leverage both care and service in order to get the best reviews.

The guide is set out like a cookery book and each recipe details the ingredients, and cooking instructions, covering all options from the guests pre-arrival to welcoming tactics, including client entertainments through to their departure and everywhere in between.

If you want to get on the 5-star review bandwagon and start driving more bookings toward your vacation rental home then this is the guide for you. The guide is in PDF format to download and read straight from your screen, now.

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