Getting started

Vacation Soup – Getting Started

If you’re a vacation rental owner who wants to stay ahead of the competition, increase bookings, regularly receive glowing reviews and welcome happy, repeat guests year after year, you’ve landed in the right place!

Our expert team are bonding all of our experience and unique skills in the marketing and managing of vacation rentals to launch a learning channel, which will give YOU the knowledge and confidence to create a profitable vacation rental business.

Each month we’ll be releasing a new course, covering topics such as, how to build your vacation rental website, destination marketing, copywriting to attract ideal guests, SEO, photography & staging, vacation rental profitability, and much more.

For now, sit back, grab a coffee and let Alan Egan give you an overview of the thinking behind Vacation Soup. Followed by a walkthrough of the FREE Vacation Rental Website giveaway. We’ll see you in the first course!


How we got here and where we are heading

Watch Alan’s insight on how vacation rental marketing has evolved over the years and what we can expect from the future. This is a great opportunity to watch exclusive content first presented at the Vacation Rental World Summit in Florence, September 2017.


What are you doing with your secret sauce?

Alan discusses why focusing your marketing only on listings sites is a mistake and why Vacation Soup is an essential ingredient for your vacation rental, if you want to stand out from the crowd, and enjoy a lion’s share of the bookings.


Overview of Vacation Soup

What is it, what’s in it for me? Watch Alan’s welcome video to find out how to get involved with Vacation Soup.


Snapshot of our Vacation Rental Website Giveaway

Feeling motivated? Wait until you see what you can achieve for your vacation rental if you join up for our Website Giveaway!

Got a question?

You’ll find the Vacation Soup Community Forum the best place to ask questions about the Soup, the Learn Centre, or any individual course. Search for your topic to see if it’s already been covered, or open a new thread. Our Learning Team, plus owners who completed or advanced the various courses, are always happy to help, suggest and recommend.